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Surprise Proposal and Picnic on Cliff | Hayden Lake Idaho

THEY'RE ENGAGED!!!! I'm so incredibly excited to go on this life journey with my amazing sister and soon to be brother in law!

Hannah wrote the most beautiful story about the proposal from her perspective, so I'll let her words do all the storytelling:

"Let me just say, HE DID SO GOOD! He was planning this for the past few months with @heidi_throughhiseyes. She has been telling me how she wants to do a "photoshoot" with Dimitrius and I to "test out the lighting of a new location"😉 Well, I didn't think anything of it since she's done that before. We planned the photoshoot for this past Sunday.

So we get there and its the usual photoshoot stuff, then we do a pose where I'm facing away and he is supposed to come up behind me and grab me. This is where Heidi says, "OK Dimitrius, whenever you're ready!" a signal to let him know that she's ready to shoot whenever he's ready to do his thing...little did I know. So he then says, "Beeb, turn around." And I turn around and find him on his knee, unwrapping a ribbon off of a little black box!💞

It took a couple seconds for me to process what was going on. He was saying all of these sweet, heartfelt things to me and I don't remember any of them because I was in shock!! So then of course I say YES! But the day didn't end there...when I was talking to Heidi, I saw that he and Christian ran into the woods and were doing something suspicious. We later walk over to another area to shoot, and happen upon a beautifully laid out picnic with sparkling cider and two champagne flutes, meats, cheese, fruit, and bread! He knows how much I love picnics! In fact, he went out of his way to buy a special picnic basket for the occasion that I had pointed out to him in an antique store once a few months prior. How thoughtful!🥺

After picnicking, and shooting a little bit more, we went and had dinner with my family to share the joy of the day with them. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect and thoughtful proposal, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.🥰"



After the Proposal



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